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Obviously dating apps are a reality of the times. A lot of people use them (a lot of people lie about using them), including myself. It’s easier to meet people, especially if sweat pants are a daily occurrence. But here’s a novel idea: be honest about why you’re on there to begin with. If you’re picture shows you in a pair of tiny underwear, but your bio says “dates are nice” or “just looking for friends” then I don’t have time for you. Chances are you think you’re better than most people who use the app, which you obviously aren’t. If I wanted to have a conversation with a pair of abs, you can bet your tired ass that I would staring at Tom Daley or an Abercrombie model. Not you. So man up, grow a pair and admit to being down and dirty like the rest of us. Or put on a pair of fucking pants and go on a real date. Your call.